Energy Law

K&S Law Office with its well equipped team consisting of the energy experts and professionals whom worked for international mining and energy companies for many years renders the legal services of preparation of agreements and structuring project development regarding alternative energies, obtaining necessary legal permissions and executing joint-ventures and consortiums. We also provide administrative, regulatory, corporate and commercial legal services to clients engaged in providing natural gas distribution such as formation of natural gas distribution companies, preparation of distribution agreements and determining the legal procedure and pipeline. K&S Law Office advises leading global and domestic clients on major projects in Turkey in connection with the concession, and licence-based energy and natural resources deals, and is very active in electricity, oil and gas industries working on a wide range of issues, including the acquisition and disposal of energy assets, licencing, permitting and regulatory filings.Our energy law department also renders the services of preparation of petroleum drilling contracts, farmout contracts, exploration and development agreement, formation of the JV and consortium in the energy sector and execution of applications for licenses.
Energy Law Firm in Turkey
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The expertise on the energy law of Turkey is an indispensible asset for the energy law firms providing legal consultancy in the Turkish energy sector. Since the Turkish energy sector is one of most regulated sectors in Turkey, the energy law firms should pay the due attention to the evolving nature of the energy law of Turkey manifesting Turkey’s ever changing needs for cheap and reliable energy sources.
As a result the energy law of Turkey has been changing in a manner to reflect this change by putting more emphasis on renewable energy resources. The renewable energy has already been subjected to a separate Renewable Energy Law in Turkey.
 K&S Law Office, as an energy law firm in Turkey keeps abreast with such rapid developments and provide its clients with the most up to date information pertaining both to the energy sector and the energy law in Turkey. By combining the sector specific know how with the legal expertise on the energy law of Turkey, K&S Attorneys at Law as an energy law firm in Turkey provides its clients with a full extent service with a top notch expertise.
Turkey’s growing energy needs dictate an ever growing tendency for energy law regulations that leaves energy law firms in Turkey with increasingly providing full range of services not only pertaining to the legal consultancy but transcending beyond such traditional legal services to provide insights about the business development and project management phases of the energy projects. As a full service energy law firm in Turkey, K&S Law Office provides the kind of the legal service with the aforementioned scope to assist its energy clients to have the broadest outlook on the energy law of Turkey as well as the ever changing sector specific dynamics.

Oil & Natural Gas
K&S Law Office has experience in advising on the legal aspects of natural gas and petroleum projects including assisting governmental entities, construction companies, lenders and equity investors in matters involving the international transportation of pipeline oil and gas, wholesale and import of natural gas, exploration, drilling and development projects, purchase of oil exploration licenses, natural gas purchase contracts, LNG master sales agreements and cross-border gas sales.

Oil and Natural Gas
Turkish oil markets are open to foreign investment, where a competitive environment has been established to a certain extent. The natural gas market plays an important role in providing for fast growing demand for energy in Turkey, and is liberalised and allows for competition parallel with developments in the electricity market. To date, K&S Law Office has played an active role in several projects and transactions within the oil and natural gas market, as well as providing legal consultation to investors regarding the tender process and relevant legislation. Our attorneys-at-law have worked with companies operating in the distribution and storage of oil in energy markets, as well as providing legal advice to businesses regarding distribution, wholesaling, and importation. Our Energy Team’s experience includes: Mergers & Acquisitions, re-structuring projects, obtaining operating licenses and permits and the renewal and assignment thereof, sales and purchases, transportation, and commitment and dealership agreements in marketplace compliance.
Renewable Energy
Solar and wind energy investment in Turkey has recently been on the increase. Accordingly, K&S Law Office provide legal consultancy services from the surveying and prospecting phase to the decision-making phase, and continuing to the phases of project structuring, financing, and business. In this context, our attorneys frequently provide legal consultation on: applying for operation licenses and permits and the assignment thereof, specific promotion and exemption systems, tariff practices, and expropriation.
Our experience at K&S Law Office also extends to the mining industry and mining-related legislation. We provide legal consultation on procedures for applying for mining licenses and permits, the assignment thereof, specific mining industry transactions, acquisition and merger transactions, and the structure thereof.