Sport Law

Although Sport Law is one of the respectable branches of the law, it is still one of the developing and progressing law branch in Turkey.  According to this development and progression, obviously, sport industry has to supervise by point of the law. As Mert Van Law and Consultancy Office, we are willingly contributing development on Sport Law for our country. Whilst doing so, we are not only focus on sportsmen or supporters but also Concern on discovering the legal gaps and comply and fulfill them carefully.
Our law office provides local and international real or legal clients with legal consulting services for contracts, management of official registration and transfer process, training on for sport endeavor, torts responsibility on sport, and many other legal matters regarding the sport sector.
Law of Sport is operating with an experienced team of legal professionals
 Any kind of contract preperations between Footballers, Technical Directors and Clubs.
Follow-up of actions before TFF (Turkish Football Federation), UÇK, Arbitration and International Courts.